Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems from Protect Your Home


Before, whenever you thought of installing a home alarm system, drilling had to be done all around the house. On top of that, wires had to run along the skirts, making it unsightly. A wireless monitoring system from Protect Your Home is what you need.

Now, let's say you have a burglar who is familiar with electrical systems and wiring. S/he comes to your property, cuts all the wires, and your possessions and loved ones become vulnerable and in harm's way ! This is when you need a reliable wireless monitoring system.

Help prevent intruders from burglarizing your property by having Protect Your Home install their home wireless burglar alarm system.

With the installation of an ADT monitored wireless security system you no longer have to worry about an intrusion without your burglar alarm going off !

This is what you get with your ADT monitored wireless alarm system;

  • High-tech keypad 
    • The touch of a button puts you through to emergency dispatchers. 
  • Keychain remote 
  • Pet-sensitive sensor 
    • Able to distinguish between a human and an animal. 
  • 3 Points of Protection 
    • Secure up to 3 points of entry to your property. 
  • High-decibel alarm system 
    • This scares of an intruder immediately. 
  • Battery backup 
    • In case of a power failure your ADT monitored wireless system continues to function. 
  • Yard Sign and Window Decal 
    • Proven to deter criminals. They know to 'keep it moving'. 
    • These come with every installation 
  • Professional Installation 

ADT can have your system installed tomorrow.

 Get your ADT system installed !

ADT monitoring packages start at $36.99/mo (about $1 a day....) 

Get your wireless monitoring system today with $850-worth of equipment FREE*.


*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below. 

Get your system now.



 Help protect your business with an ADT monitored security system.