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Having a home security system can help bring about some peace of mind, and that goes for residents in the entire country. After all, it has been proven that having one can help reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted by burglars by up to 3 times.

ADT is the nation's #1 home security solutions provider. Why should you bother with an ADT home security system for Valley Center ? If your Valley Center, KS home isn't protected by a sound home security system like the one offered by ADT then it stands a 1 in 147 chance of getting broken into this year. Another thing is that 57% of all Kansas burglaries took place during the day in 2009. That figure probably hasn't decreased that much. Every time a burglary occurs in KS the intruder makes away with about $1,779 worth of goods. With that amount you help protect your Valley Center, KS with ADT for over 4 years.

The U.S. Department of Justice states that over 90% of all those convicted of burglary said they only chose to target homes that didn't have home security systems installed. If you call 1-877-476-8043 right away and speak to a Protect Your Home representative you could get your wireless monitoring system in your house within 24 hours.

The ADT security monthly fee starts at a mere $36.99/mo. That's about $1 a day.

ADT has 4 monitoring centers located across the country, so in the unlikely event that one malfunctions you still have 5 others watching over your property 24/7.

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