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Nestled on the banks of the Arkansas River, Tulsa, OK is the nation's 45th largest city. The population stands at just under 400,000, and the unemployment rate is 4.4%¹.

Whenever you have any proportion of the population that's out of work, there will always be crimes committed. One of those crimes is burlary. Researches have shown that there is a correlation with people who are jobless, and property crimes like burglary. These people enter your homes in search of things to steal. They then sell these items for some quick cash, or keep it for themselves. How can you help prevent a break in from occuring on your property ? By installing America's most popular home security system from ADT. How much ? Starting at about $1 a day. Remember, a burglary isn't a situation where an intruder just enters your house, takes items, then leaves. If you meet face to face, the end result could turn violent. Women and children get sexually assaulted, or sometimes murder takes place. Help protect your home by getting an ADT-monitored home security system for your Tulsa, OK property. Call 1-877-476-8043, and a Protect Your Home representative will help get you set up.

Studies have shown that burglars tend to avoid a home that has a home security system installed. When you get your ADT system, some of the equipment that's given to you include a yard sign and window decals. These are proven burglar deterrents.

With a home a security system, the odds that an intruder will attempt to break into your home stand at 1 in 162.

If you do not have one in place, then the odds jumps to a high 1 in 54.

Getting an ADT-monitored home security system for your Tulsa property may help you save up to 20% off your home owner's insurance. Insurance companies are aware that security systems can help prevent break-ins. You will receive a certificate to take to your insurance provider stating that you have an ADT-monitored security system. With this, Tulsa residents may be eligible for up to a 20% discount on their homeowners insurance.

Packages start at a mere $36.99/mo. Call 1-877-476-8043.

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¹U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

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