Sebastopol, CA ADT Wireless Monitored Home Security Systems

Map of Sebastopol, CA.


According to the 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports on Sebastopol, CA, out of a population of approximately 7,559 inhabitants;

  • There were a reported 77 burglaries. 
  • 193 property crimes, 
  • and 134 cases of theft. 

The FBI states that a burglary occurs in the United States every 14 seconds. Obviously, these are average figures for the entire nation. Sebastopol, CA had 77 burglaries in 2011. Not a large figure, but not something to take lightly either. A burglary can leave you mentally and/or physically scarred for life. The only way to help prevent such from occuring in your Sebastopol, CA property is to invest in a sound home security system featuring sophisticated burglar alarms like the ones offered by ADT.

Sebastopol is a small town but that does not make you immune to crime. Have a reputed security company such as ADT help handle all your security needs. They can help take care of your burglar alarm systems for Sebastopol.

ADT can help protect both your home and business for about $1 a day ! Packages start at $36.99/mo only.

When you order your monitored home security system for your Sebastopol property, this is what you get for about $1 a day;

  • high-decibel alarm 
  • digital keypad 
  • infrared motion sensor (won't be triggered by pets) 
  • keychain remote (allows you to arm & disarm your alarm remotely) 
  • window decal and yard sign (proven burglar deterrents) 
  • backup battery (in case of power failure) 
  • 3 points of protection 

ADT uses wireless home security systems, meaning there is no longer the need to drill holes in your walls. Another advantage of wireless systems is that a potential burglar cannot cut the wires (outside) thereby leaving your property vulnerable to intrusion. Even though wireless burglar alarm systems are considered 'new technology', even the most tech unsavvy people will be able to operate them.

Should the alarm get triggered on your Sebastopol property, you have the option of being put in contact with either the medical services, police, or the fire department. ADT doesn't just deal with burglars. If you have a medical condition, and you feel like you need assistance, all you do is press one button, and you're put through to the relevant authorities.

Call 1-877-476-8043 to speak with a Protect Your Home representative now. Mention Promo 35839 to get $850 worth of equipment FREE*.

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

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