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The capital of CA avails of ADT services too.


With a population of 477,892¹, Sacramento is California's capital city, and that state's 6th largest city. The unemployment rate stands at about 10.4%². With a population of close to half a million, and about a tenth of the working class out of work, this means that there are bound to be a couple thousand individuals who will turn to burglary.

Common sense will tell you that crime and unemployment go hand in hand. A burglar will break into your house with the intention of robbing you of a few of your prized possessions. Sometimes, a burglary can go wrong and you end up with more serious crimes such as rape or murder.

Is your Sacramento, CA property protected from burglars ? Studies conducted at Temple University show that a home security system can help prevent a home invasion from occuring by up to 3 times.

Sacramento records about 5000³ burglaries each year. A home security system installed on your property means that your chances of being a victim of a home invasion in Sacramento stand at 1 in 285.

Without one, those odds increase to 1 in 95.

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¹United States Census Bureau

²U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

³FBI Uniform Crime Reports 2011

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