ADT-Monitored Home Security In California

 ADT covers the whole of the state of California.



The state of California is one of the largest in the country. It is the most populous, with a population of some 38 million people. 1 out of 8 Americans live in California.

Some of those 38¹ million inhabitants of the Golden State are criminals. A portion of those criminals are burglars, who mostly target homes that do not have a home security system installed. The U.S. Department of Justice state that 9 out of 10 convicted burglars admitted to only deciding to break into homes which do not have a home security system in place.

A total of 228,857² burglaries were recorded in California. Is your property protected ? An ADT-monitored home security system can help prevent a home invasion by up to 3 times.

In California, you stand a 1 in 162 chance of getting your home broken into by an intruder if you do not have a home security system. If you have one, those odds decrease to 1 in 486.

Call 1-877-476-8043 to get your system installed by this time tomorrow ! Packages start at around $1 a day.

Did you know this ?

ADT covers the entire state of California. Find you city below, then call 1-877-476-8043 to have a Protect Your Home representative set you up. *This list does not contain every town/city in California.*


Acampo, CA                                        Dublin, CA                                           Helm, CA                                       Noyo, CA                                         

Agoura Hills, CA                                  Durham, CA                                        Hercules, CA                                 Oak Grove, CA

Alameda, CA                                       Eagle Lake Resort, CA                        Hinkley, CA                                   Oakland, CA

Anaheim, CA                                       East Irvine, CA                                   Hodge, CA                                     Oceanside, CA

Apple Valley, CA                                 East Long Beach, CA                          Hollister, CA                                   Orange, CA

Arrowbear Lake, CA                           Edendale, CA                                      Hollywood, CA                               Orinda, CA                              

Artesia, CA                                         El Cajon, CA                                        Homeland, CA                               Oxnard, CA                                       

Azusa, CA                                           El Monte, CA                                       Hornitos, CA                                  Pacific Palisades, CA

Bakersfield, CA                                   El Toro, CA                                          Huntington Beach, CA                   Palm Springs, CA                                         

Baldwin Hills, CA                                 Elizabeth Lake, CA                               Imperial, CA                                  Palmdale, CA

Banning, CA                                        Encinitas, CA                                       Inglewood, CA                              Perris, CA

Bayside, CA                                        Encino, CA                                           Irvine, CA                                     Pleasanton, CA

Beverly Hills, CA                                 Eureka, CA                                           Isleton, CA                                   Quartz Hill, CA                                 

Big Bear, CA                                       Exeter, CA                                           Jamul, CA                                     Quincy, CA

Bixby Knolls, CA                                 Fair Oaks, CA                                       Jenner, CA                                   Rancho Bernardo, CA

Blythe, CA                                          Fairmont, CA                                        Jolon, CA                                     Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Boulder Creek, CA                              Fallsvale, CA                                        June Lake, CA                             Redlands, CA                             

Brentwood, CA                                   Farmington, CA                                    Kagel Canyon, CA                       Reseda, CA

Buena Park, CA                                  Fillmore, CA                                          Kelsey, CA                                   Rosewood, CA

Burbank, CA                                       Firestone Park, CA                               King, CA                                      Salinas, CA

Byron, CA                                           Fontana, CA                                        Klamath, CA                                San Bernardino, CA                                          

Cabrillo, CA                                        Fortuna, CA                                         Korbel, CA                                   San Mateo, CA

Calabasas, CA                                    Freestone, CA                                     Kyburz, CA                                 Santa Ana, CA           

Caliente, CA                                       Fullerton, CA                                        La Cañada Flintridge, CA           Shasta, CA

California City, CA                              Garberville, CA                                    La Conchita, CA                          Spaulding, CA                                   

Calpella, CA                                        Garden Grove, CA                               La Habra, CA                              Stockton, CA

Canoga Park, CA                                Gardena, CA                                        La Jolla, CA                                 Tahoe City, CA                                       

Carlsbad, CA                                       Gasquet, CA                                        La Verne, CA                              Temecula, CA                                      

Carpinteria, CA                                   Geyserville, CA                                    Laguna Hills, CA                          Tustin, CA

Cedarville, CA                                     Gilroy, CA                                             Laguna Niguel, CA                      Union City, CA                     

Cerritos, CA                                        Gold Hill, CA                                         Lakewood, CA                             Universal City, CA                                        

Chino, CA                                            Goleta, CA                                           Lomita, CA                                  Upland, CA

Clemente, CA                                      Gorda, CA                                            Lucerne, CA                               Valencia, CA                                           

Compton, CA                                       Granada Hills, CA                                 Ludlow, CA                                Van Nuys, CA

Costa Mesa, CA                                   Greenfield, CA                                     Malibu, CA                                 Venice, CA

Culver City, CA                                    Gridley, CA                                          Manteca, CA                              Visalia, CA

Cypress, CA                                         Groveland, CA                                    Marina de Rey, CA                     West Los Angeles, CA             

Daggett, CA                                         Guadalupe, CA                                   Maxwell, CA                                Winnetka, CA

Daly City, CA                                        Gualala, CA                                        Merced, CA                                 Woodlake, CA                                       

Death Valley, CA                                  Hacienda Heights, CA                         Modesto, CA                              Yuba City, CA

Del Mar, CA                                          Hamilton City, CA                               Monterey, CA                             Yucaipa, CA

Desert Lake, CA                                   Hancock, CA                                      North Hollywood, CA                   Yucca Valley, CA                                  

Dos Palos, CA                                       Hansen Hills, CA                                Nestor, CA                                   Zamora, CA                                

Downey, CA                                         Hawaiian Gardens, CA                       Nipton, CA                                   Zenia, CA

Can't find your city ? Fear not. ADT provides service in your area. Just call 1-877-476-8043 and a Protect Your Home representative will be able to assist you.                                         


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