Home Security Tips

Mentioned below are some very simple tips on how to better protect your property from intrusion.

Tip number one.

Common sense would tell you to lock all your doors and windows, even if you're at home !

A recent FBI study revealed that just under a third (32.2%) of break-ins commited in 2008 were unlawful entries without force. That means that the intruders had very easy access to the property - possibly through an open door or window. Lock them !

Tip number 2.

Teach your children how to arm the system too ! The same FBI report states that just over half of all burglaries occured during the day (when your children are likely to be at home). 27.9% took place at night. See that ? The burglars "know" that the daytime is when the houses are most vulnerable.

 Tip number 3.

Just because you have a pet, that doesn't mean your house is safe. A pitbull might scare off an intruder, but what if he has a weapon tha could injure or kill the animal ?

Tip number 4.

If you're going on vacation don't announce your departure. You might be informing the wrong individual, who might turn out to be a potential burglar. Get a neighbor or friend to periodically collect your mail and newspapers.

Tip number 5.

If you own a late-model vehicle consider parking it in the garage. There's no need to announce to the public that you have disposable income. Chances are, if you drive, say, a late-model Mercedes or BMW then there could be other valuable items inside your home that are worth stealing.


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