ADT Home Security Signs

ADT home security signs can help prevent a break-in.


Have you driven around certain neighbrhoods, and noticed an ADT yard sign ? Do you know what purpose they serve ? It is mostly there for two reasons. The first one is to inform members of the public that you have an ADT-monitored home security system. The second is to let potential burglars know that they should not really bother attempting to break into your home in the first place. They better keep it moving.

An ADT monitored home security sign can help protect your property against unwanted intrusion from as little as $36.99 a month. Call 1-877-476-8043 now to speak to a representative. 24-hour installation is available.

The National Burglar & Fire Association has stated that 90% of convicted burglars admitted that they would skip a house with an alarm system in place. Why not get your property an ADT-monitored home security system ? On top of the yard signs and window decals that can help prevent a burglary, you also get the following;

  • 3 Door or window sensors 
  • 1 motion sensor 
  • An infrared sensor that is able to tell the difference between a human and an animal 
  • High-decibel alarm 
  • Digital keypad 
  • Backup battery 

Now, some signs can be purchased on certain sites for a few dollars. Sometimes you can even find them at your large department stores, but the problem with those is that they are just the home security signs. Your house still isn't protected. A skilled burglar can still scan the exterior of your house, and determine whether you really have a security system in place. It's better be safe than sorry ! Wouldn't you agree ? 

An ADT sign alone isn't enough.

Try and picture this scenario for one moment. You have travelled overseas on a 2-week holiday, and nobody is at home. All members have travelled with you. All you have to help protect your house is a yard sign that you bought online, as well as a couple of stickers on your windows. Would you have peace of mind ? There still isn't a 24-hour alarm helping to protect your property.

Invest in an ADT monitored home security system starting at $36.99/mo, and get a yard sign, together with window decals. It serves no purpose just buying the ADT signs alone for a couple of dollars. You're better off getting the whole system. Even if you were on that vacation overseas, you can still monitor your home thanks to the smartphone or tablet app.

Call 1-877-476-8043 now ! You could get your system installed by this time tomorrow.

You can also help protect your home from fires.

Get your system now.



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