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The problem with carbon monoxide is that it totally undetectable. It is a colorless and odorless gas, making it even more dangerous. You will not know that you have inhaled it until the symptoms have set in ! These symptoms, which often mimick those of the flu, can be deadly so it's best to protect your family and loved ones with an ADT carbon monoxide detector.

Each year this deadly gas claims the lives of 200 Americans, with an additional 5000 requiring emergency medical treatment. Those with compromised immune systems, such as the elderly, babies, pregnant women, and those with respiratory problems are most vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning.

How can ADT help with carbon monoxide detection ?

Protect Your Home can have carbon monoxide detectors placed in your home for a nominal monthly charge. The normal packages start at $36.99/mo, but you can get carbon monoxide detection for a little extra.

Call 1-877-476-8043 for more info. Protect Your Home representatives are on standby 24/7.

What comes with an ADT subscription ?

  • 24-hr monitoring from 4 centers 
  • ADT Guarantees 
  • Equipment worth $850 given for FREE* 
  • 3 points of protection 
  • Battery backup system 
  • ...and more...

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

Order your ADT monitored home security system by calling 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839.

Do you own a business, and would like to have carbon monoxide detection for it too ? Take a look at the ADT business solutions page.

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