ADT in Wisconsin

Wisconsin denizens can get ADT too.

Live in Wisconsin, the Badger State ? Looking for a security company to help look after your property ? You need not look any further than ADT. ADT has been in business since 1874. Residents of Wisconsin have enjoyed excellent, award-winning service from ADT for years !

The chances that your Wisconsin home will be burglarized this year stands at 1 in 214. In comparison  to other states, Wisconsin can be regarded a safe state. Those odds hold true if you do not have a Wisconsin home security system installed. Getting a monitored home security system from ADT can help reduce the odds of having your home broken into. In fact, studies have confirmed that installing a burglar alarm system can help prevent a burglary by up to 3 times. Therefore, if you have one on your Wisconsin property then the odds decrease to 1 in 642

When you get an ADT-monitored home security system for your WI property you are given window decals (stickers) and a yard sign. These will alert would-be intruders that your home is protected by the nation's top home security system. They are proven burglar deterrents. Burglars who see that know that they should 'keep it moving'.

The U.S. Department of Justice says that 90% of all convicted burglars admitted that they only went after homes that didn't have a home security system. The average break-in in WI costs the homeowner $1,545. For that amount you can help protect your property with ADT for 3 and half years. Contrary to popular belief, some burglars prefer to operate in broad daylight. Why ? Nobody is home most of the time. 37% of all Wisconsin took place during the day. If you do not have a Wisconsin burglar alarm system installed, and you are at work whilst reading this, a burglar could very well be rummaging through your house.

Protect Your Home packages start at $36.99/mo and when you order your monitored wireless monitoring system you are given $850-worth of equipment for FREE*. You can also get video monitoring, fire protection, carbon monoxide detectors, freeze sensors, and more for your Wisconsin property !

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

According to the 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports, the state of Wisconsin, with a population of 3,426,136, experienced;

  • 18,453 burglaries, 
  • 877 rapes, and 
  • 126,416 incidents of property crime. 

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Any possibility of relocating from WI to one of the neighboring states ? You can also get ADT Security in Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. For the same, low $36.99 ADT monthly monitoring fee you can get home security in Illinois, Minnesota home security systems, and ADT monitoring in Iowa.


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