ADT in Texas

The Lone-star state's residents can get ADT.

Texas is probably the most populated state, given its shear size ! It has 26.1¹m people living in it. Surely amongst those 17 million residents there has to be a couple of petty criminals, like the type who would break into your house or business and make off with a few items. After all, there were 174,677 burglaries reported. Surely none of those people had a security system in place. This is where ADT comes in.

This year your Texas home has a 1 in 109 chance of getting burglarized if you do not have a Texas home security system installed. Studies have shown that having a burglar alarm fitted on your home can help reduce the likelihood of being burglarized by up to 3 times. Therefore, by installing a home security system like the one from ADT, your odds of being a victim of a Texas break-in drop to 1 in 327.

ADT has been in the business of helping protect people since 1874 (yes, 18) ! The cheapest package deal starts at $36.99/mo.

You can help protect your Texas property for a little over a $1 a day. Everytime a burglar burglarizes a home in Texas, it costs the average homeowner $2,307. That eqautes to 5 years and a few months worth of ADT monitoring. What would you rather deal with ? Losing over $2,300 in one scoop, or paying about $1 a day to help prevent such from occuring ?

It is the general belief that most break-ins occur at night, when intruders can operate under the cover of darkness. However, in 2009 42% of all burglaries took place in broad daylight. During this time most people are toiling away at work or school. Burglars then have ample opportunity to go through the entire house uninterrupted. By the time law enforcement arrive, which is after 11 minutes in 62% of burglaries, the intruder is long gone, with about $2,307 worth of your stuff !

What do you get with an ADT subscription ? You get your monitored wireless security system with the $850-worth equipment FREE*, and for an additional fee you can also get video monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, freeze sensing, fire protection, and more !

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

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See yourself moving from the Lone Star State ? ADT Security is also available in neighboring states like Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana. For $36.99/mo you can help secure your homes with ADT Security in Oklahoma, home security in New Mexico, or Louisiana home security systems.


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¹U.S. Census Bureau

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