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South Carolina residents can now enjoy the services of ADT.

ADT has had a massive presence in the state of South Carolina, the Palmetto State, for years, providing excellent, award-winning service. ADT provides monitored home security systems which include video surveillance, carbon monoxide detection, fire monitoring, and so much more ! Ground seepage is common in South Carolina, and ADT can aid with that thanks to flood sensors. When the water level rises to a dangerous level you are alerted.

The 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports indicate that the state of South Carolina, with a population of 1,408,892, had;

  • 15,752 burglaries reported,
  • 553 rapes, and
  • 81,895 incidents of property crime.

2011 recorded close to 43 burglaries each day in the state of South Carolina. Obviously those were most likely spread out throughout the entire state, but how about if one of those was at your property ? Wouldn't you like the peace of mind that comes with a sound monitored home security system that comes with ADTADT helps protect millions of people already, including high-profile clients such as the White House, the Pentagon, Fort Knox, Fortune 500 companies, major US airports, courthouses, major retailer, and banking centers, amongst others.

Installations occur daily.

South Carolina homes have a 1 in 100 chance of being targeted by burglars this year. Installing a home security system helps curb that by up to 3 times. That means, by having a home security system in South Carolina, the odds of your home being burglarized drop to 1 in 300.

90% of all burglars who got convicted stated that they only went after homes that were not protected by burglar alarms. Once your order your ADT-monitored home security system for your South Carolina property, you get a yard sign and window decals. These are proven burglar deterrents. Once a would-be intruder comes across the yard sign they will know to leave that house alone, and try the next one.

Unemployment in South Carolina stands at 9.10%, slightly higher than the national average. This means that about 409,584 people do not have a steady income in that state. Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley have concluded that there is a strong link between high unemployment and property crime. With the rate remaining at around the same level for the past few years, property crimes are unlikely to go down any time soon.

Whenever a burglary occurs in South Carolina, the homeowner loses $1,423 worth of stolen goods. With that you can help protect your South Carolina home for just over 3 years. 60% of all burglaries in S.C. take place during the day, contrary to what many people believe. Law enforcement were only able to respond to 21% of all break-ins in less than 10 minutes ! What would happen if your South Carolina home were burglarized whilst you're reading this ? Are you protected ?

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Should you find yourself moving to another state like Kentucky, North Carolina, or even Georgia. ADT Security is available in these states as well. For about $1 a day you can get home security in North Carolina, ADT monitoring in Kentucky, and home security systems in Georgia.

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