ADT in Rhode Island

Residents of Rhode Island can help protect their property with ADT.

Although Rhode Island is a small state with under 600k residents, it still sees its fair share of crime. The 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports state that Rhode Island had a population of 529,981. That same year;

  • 2,054 burglaries were reported,
  • 117 rapes were committed, and
  • 10,697 property crimes took place.

These numbers aren't as high as in other larger states but there is still reason to worry. How better to help protect your property ? In comes ADT.

If you live in Rhode Island, and your home does not have a home security system, you stand a 1 in 171 chance of being burglarized. This comes from FBI crime statistics and census data. Studies have shown that having a burglar alarm on your property helps prevent a break-in by up to 3 times. This means that if you were to get an ADT system in Rhode Island, the chance that your home would get broken into drops to 1 in 515.

90% of all those convicted of burglary stated that they normally avoided homes that had a home security system. When you sign up for an ADT-monitored home security system, you are given window decals and yard sign. These are proven to deter any would-be burglars. They know that they need to keep it moving.

If an intruder breaks into your home and makes away with goods, they usually do so to the tune of $1,308. That is 3 years of ADT monitoring. You can help protect your RI property for about $1 a day. What would you rather part with ? $35.99/mo or $1,308 in one go ? 66% of all burglaries in Rhode Island take place during daylight hours, when you are most likely at work or school. If your home is not protected, an intruder could freely enter and make away with your prized possessions.

ADT has been in business since 1874. Protect Your Home offers monitored wireless burglar alarm systems, fire monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, freeze sensing, and more ! The monitoring plans start at $36.99/mo.

Any chance of moving from Rhode Island soon ? Maybe Connecticut or Massachusetts ? You can still get home security in Massachusetts or home security in Connecticut from ADT for about $1 a day.

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