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New York residents can protect their property with ADT.

Despite not being one of the bigger states, New York is still one of the most populous states in the country. The 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports puts the population at 10,446,243.

40,550 burglaries and 749 rapes were committed in the state of New York. That equates to 111 burglaries a day and 2 rapes a day. Now, you're probably asking yourself, how can a company like ADT help protect me against a sexual assault ? A good number of rapes occur after the rapist has broken into your home, right ? Don't you think that if you had a sound home security system you could have helped prevent the rapist from breaking and entering your home in the first place ?

FBI and census data for the state of New York says that your NY home has a high chance of getting broken into if you do not have a home security system in place. Try 1 in 298. A burglar alarm can help curb the occurence of such by up to 3 times, bringing down the odds to 1 in 894. The U.S. Department of Justice says that 90% of all those convicted of burglary confessed that they only went for homes that clearly were not protected by a home security system of some sort. An ADT system in New York can help prevent your home from being targeted.

ADT utilizes state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment (given to you FREE* with Promo Code 35839) that has proven extremely effective in helping to prevent a burglary from taking place. Take, for example, the yard sign and window decal. These two alone usually make the potential burglar think twice about breaking into your property. In the (unlikely) event that they succeed to get past the infrared sensors ADT will pay up to $500 off your insurance deductible. This is thanks to the Theft Guarantee (certain restrictions apply).

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You get free equipment.

The average burglary in the state of New York costs the homeowner $1,487, and the majority of break-ins occur during the daytime. In fact, 44% of them take place during daylight hours. Since the majority of people are away at work during this time, the burglar spends an average of 8-11 minutes in the house, rummaging through your belongings. By the time law enforcement arrives, which occurs after 11 minutes (in 62% of burglaries), the intruder has already made a clean getaway.

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If you see yourself moving from New York to one of the nearby states like Vermont, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, you need not worry about whether you can get ADT or not. Vermont home security, New Jersey ADT home security, and ADT home security in Pennsylvania from is available starting at about $1/day. 

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