The ADT Monthly Fee Starts At $36.99/mo


Due to the low ADT monthly fee we install hundreds of systems.



You might be asking yourself, "How much does an ADT home surveillance system cost per month ? Interested in having an award-winning home security system installed in your house (or business) but are unsure of the cost ? Fear not, as the ADT monthly fee starts at a mere $36.99/mo.

There are four wireless home security monitoring packages for you to choose from.

Essential package.

  • 3 Door or window sensors 
  • 1 motion sensor 
  • ADT window decal and yard sign 
  • High-decibel alarm 
  • Digital keypad 
  • Backup battery 

To order the Essential package call 1-877-476-8043.

Premium package.

With an attractive monthly fee of only $40.99/mo, the Premium package is perfect for those with physical disabilities. For questions on this call a Protect Your Home representatve on 1-877-476-8043.

  • 3 Door or window sensors 
  • 1 montion sensor 
  • 1 ADT window decal and yard sign 
  • 1 keyfob 
  • 2-Way voice 
  • High-decibel alarm 
  • 3 entry-way contacts┬▓ 
  • Digital keypad 
  • Backup battery 

To order, call 1-877-476-8043 and a Protect Your Home representative will be able to assist you.

The last option.

The third package, with a modest monthly fee of $44.99/mo, features the ADT Safewatch CellGuard®. This new feature does not rely on your home phone line, but on a cellular signal with with it relays signals wih the monitoring center in the event of an alarm trigger. Whether your phone line is active or not, the ADT Safewatch Cellguard will ensure that your home security system is fully functional.

What you get with this package is the same as the last one, with the addition of the CellGuard® feature (minus 2-Way Voice).

To order, call 1-877-476-8043.

Expanded Package from Protect Your Home.

The Expanded package has everything the last one has, with the addition of 2-Way Voice.


As you can see, the ADT monthly fee difference comes up to less than $12. Order your package today. ADT alarms prices make it affordable for everybody.

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┬╣A small remote you can put on a key ring that will activate the system.

┬▓3 points of protection for the entry points of your home.


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