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With a population of 2,225,957, Missouri recorded an astounding 15,732 burglaries┬╣. That's a great deal of break-ins - about 43 burglaries per day !

The nation's unemployment rate stands at 8.1% (June 2012), whilst that of the state of Missouri trails closely behind at 7.40%. This means that about 439,854 people are without work. That is no small number. There will surely be a percentage of burglars who will want to break into your home and leave with some of your belongings, some which costs thousands. In fact, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have concluded that there is a strong link between unemployment and property crime.

ADT in Missouri can help prevent a burglary on your property by up to 3 times. According to FBI statistics and data collected from the national census, your Missouri home has a 1 in 135 chance of experiencing a break-in this year. That is if you do not have a burglar alarm system installed on your property. With an ADT system your odds can decrease to 1 in 405. That is because a home security system helps prevent a burglary by up to 3 times.

What the majority of people fail to realize if that they can help protect their property with ADT for as little as $36.99/mo. The average burglary in the state of Missouri nets the burglar about $1,903. For that amount you can help protect your MO home for well over 3 years, and in the process, save your precious belongings. The cheapest package will cost you about $1 a day.

 Check out the packages and equipment to see what's in store for you. The ADT-monitored home security system can even help provide fire monitoring equipment, carbon monoxide detectors, freeze sensors, video monitoring, and more !

ADT helps protect 6+ million homes in the US. Make yours next !

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ADT doesn't only offer anti-burglar alarm systems for the state of Missouri. They also have carbon monoxide detectors, freeze sensors, and flood sensors. Missouri experiences frigid winters, where pipes can often freeze. This is where a freeze sensor from ADT may come in handy. It will alert you when the temperature drops too low to cause the pipes to freeze.

In the event that you move to a neighboring state, say, Illinois or Kansas, ADT can follow you. ADT systems in Kansas also cost a minimum of $36.99/mo, whilst home security for Illinois is also the same.



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┬╣2007 FBI Uniform Crime Reports 

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