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Massachusetts residents can also get ADT.

The state of Massachusetts has a population of 5,180,361¹, and amongst them there have to be people who don't have what you have. What this means is there has to be a percentage of those 5.7 million people who are burglars. One day they could pay you a visit, especially if you don't have an ADT-monitored home security system installed.

Most people who burglarize a home have no stable income. Massachusetts has an unemployment rate of 6.90%, meaning around 445,546 people are out of work. Surely, a percentage of those will resort to burglary to get what they want. If your home doesn't have a home alarm system then it has a higher chance of being targeted by burglars who want to break into it. The U.S. Department of Justice states that 9 out of 10 convicted burglars admitted that they only went after homes that didn't have a home security system. When you get an ADT system, as part of the standard equipment, you get window decals and a yard sign, and these have been proven to deter would-be burglars.

If you take FBI crime data and census data for the state of Massachusetts, your MA home has a 1 in 173 chance of getting broken into if you do not have an alarm system in place. Once you get one installed, especially with an Massachussets ADT system, those odds decrease to a much lower 1 in 520. A home security system decreases the likelihood of your home getting broken into by up to 3 times.

The 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports state that Massachusetts recorded;

  • 30,908 burglaries, 
  • 1,422 rapes, and
  • 130,000 property crimes. 

ADT has been proven extremely effective at preventing break-ins. Remember, even the government trusts ADT, and has been for years ! You may not know this, but even the White House uses ADT for protection.

Every time a burglar breaks into a Massachussets home they steal about $2,513 worth of your possessions. In terms of ADT monitoring fees that is almost 6 years of protection.

Monitoring plans start at a mere $36.99/mo. You can also get video monitoring with your system.

Call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839 to order. 

Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire are just some of the states that surround Massachussets. ADT is also available there, and you can get New Hampshire home security, home security in Vermont, or Rhode Island home security systems for as little as $36.99/mo.

Protect Your Home is an ADT Authorized Dealer for the state of Massachusetts.



¹2007 FBI Uniform Crime Reports


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