ADT in Maryland

The state of Maryland has an ADT presence too.

ADT has had a presence in the state of Maryland for several years, providing excellent, award-winning service to over a million residents ! The residents of Maryland are no exception. ADT's home security system is virtually burglar-proof, providing not only anti-burglar services, but also things like carbon monoxide detectors, freeze sensors, and video monitoring, amongst others.

The 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports state that Maryland, with a population of 1,151,213, recorded;

  • 11,889 burglaries, 
  • 424 rapes, and 
  • 54,592 property crimes. 

The FBI and census data for the state of Maryland suggest that your MD home has a 1 in 157 chance of being burglarized this year. Those odds dramatically decrease to 1 in 473. Having a sound home security system in your home leaves your home 3 times less likely of being broken into. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 9 out of 10 convicted burglars said that they only went for homes that appeared to not be protected by an alarm system.

Maryland's unemployment rate stands at about 6.50%, well below the national average. That means around 367,733 people have no stable income. There is always a direct correlation with unemployment and crime. If somebody has no job, they may end up resorting to crimes such as burglary.

When is the best time to commit a crime like a burglary ? Most people would argue that nighttime is the best, since the burglars can operate under cover of darkness. However, you may be surprised ro find out that in 2009 36% of all Maryland burglaries took place in broad daylight. Since it takes law enforcement an average of 11 minutes to respond t0 62% of all burglaries, the intruders have sufficient time to enter the house and take whatever they want before making a clean getaway. Statistics show that the average burglar stays on the scene for about 8 minutes, making off with an average of $1,657 worth of stolen goods.

ADT is so confident the system can prevent burglaries that you are offered a Theft Protection Guarantee. This gives you up to $500 off your insurance premium in the event of a burglary whilst the system is in place on your property.

Protect Your Home monitoring plans start at only $36.99/mo. That equates to about $1 a day. Do you know you get $850 worth of equipment FREE* ?

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

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You can also get ADT wireless security in Delaware, one of the safest states. Nearby Virginia also has ADT. In case you move there you can get home security systems in Virginia for about $1 a day too.



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