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With a reputable and trusted security company like ADT you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your Kansas property and whatever is inside is safe. ADT can provide you with sensors to be placed on the perimeter of your property or inside, of course. On top of that, you can also get video surveillance for added security. However, if you do not have a sound security system in place then the odds of getting your KS home burglarized this year stands at 1 in 147. That's according to data from the census and the FBI. It has been proven that a home security system like the one from ADT can help reduce those odds by up to 3 times, meaning that for your Kansas home, the chance of becoming the victim of a break-in drops to 1 in 441.

An ADT-monitored home alarm system for your Kansas property gives you a yard sign and window decals as part of the standard equipment. These are proven burglar deterrents. The U.S. Department of Justice states that 9 out of 10 convicted burglars said they intentionally targeted homes that didn't have a home security system in place. You can help protect your Kansas home for about $1 a day.

There are about 170,497 unemployed people in Kansas, about 6.10% of the population. That is below the national average, which stands at around 8.10%. Those people have no steady income, and some of them will eventually turn to burglars. An average of $1,779 is lost during a Kansas home invasion. You could help reduce that to $0 with an ADT-monitored home security system.

Did you know that the majority of burglaries in the state of Kansas occured during the day (57%). Since they know that nobody is home they spend an average of 8 minutes, and are usually out before law enforcement can arrive at the scene. Most people think that burglaries occur at night, when intruders can operate under the cover of darkness, but that is not entirely true.

A 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports states that, with a population of 1,704,857, Kansas had;

  • 13,910 burglaries reported, 
  • 770 rapes, and 
  • 76,508 incidents of property crime. 

Kansas experiences very cold winters, which can lead to pipes in your house freezing, and even bursting. ADT can also provide you with freeze sensors to help protect other parts of your house.

Protect Your Home packages start at $36.99/mo.

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Kansas borders Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri. You can also get ADT monitoring in those states. Rates for home security in Oklahoma, Missouri home security systems, Nebraska ADT home security, and ADT security in Colorado start at about $1 a day. 

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