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ADT can help protect your property in Iowa too.

Residents of the state of Iowa can get full, 24/7 protection of their homes and businesses from ADT. ADT has been in business since 1874.

The 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports state that, with a population of 1,663,608, Iowa recorded;

  • 12,167 incidents of burglary,
  • 654 rapes, and
  • 63,235 reports of property crimes.

Your IA home has a 1 in 182 chance of getting broken into this year. That's according to FBI and census data. Studies have shown that if you have a home security system in place, you can help bring down that number by up to 3 times. So, by helping to protect your home with a home security system like the one offered by ADT, your odds go down to 1 in 546. 9 out 10 convicted burglars said they intentionally targeted homes that did not have a home security system. This data comes from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The unemployment in the state of Iowa stands at 5.30%, well below the national average. This means that there around 159,345 people who are looking for a job. Surely, some of those will resort to burglary in order to get what they want. If your home is not protected you could be the next target. There is a correlation with unemployment and property crimes, according to researchers at the University of California at Berkeley.

With an ADT monitored home security system installed the majority of those burglaries could have possibly been prevented. The first thing the burglar would have seen is the yard sign and/or window decal (given to you upon installation, together with another $850 worth of equipment). In the unlikely event that those would be missed, the burglar would definitely be scared off by the high-decibel alarm !

Every time a burglar breaks into a home in Iowa they steal an average of $1,364. That is equivalent to just over 3 years of ADT monitoring. In 2010 43% of all Iowa burglaries took place during the day. Many people believe that burglars operate at night, but this isn't exactly the case. They like to break into houses in broad daylight because at that time many homes are empty. if you do not have an Iowa home security system installed, and you're reading this from work, there could very well be somebody trying to break into your home right this very moment.

Packages start at only $36.99/mo and you can get your system installed tomorrow.

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If you move from Iowa to any of its neighboring states like Illinois, South Dakota, or even Wisconsin, you can rest assured that ADT has a presence there too. Get South Dakota ADT security, Wisconsin ADT security, or home security system in Illinois from ADT for about $1 a day. 


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